We are proud to partner with our artisan block-print partner, Tharangini Studios on our first collection. Set up in the 1960s by Lakshmi Srivathsa, a Delhi art student at the time, it is now Bangalore’s oldest, heritage textile handcraft studio.  

The female-owned and family-run business has expanded over the decades from small beginnings to a global exporter. Throughout its growth, the studio has always only used high-quality, organically-certified colours and natural dyes to remain low-waste throughout the production process.

As a business, they promote gender equality, fair wages, and profit-sharing. They also mentor a variety of non-profit and charitable organisations. This, along with the community of workers, with a focus on passing training down for generations, makes us proud to call them a partner. 


Founded by Lakshmi Srivathsa, Tharangini Studios’ legacy stretches back to the 1960s. While Lakshmi studied art in New Delhi, she began to dream about starting her own hand block business. She bought a wood block library, which grew from one to a collection of thousands, and sourced dyes.

From the very beginning, Tharangini Studios have only used high-quality, organically certified dyes. Maintaining a low waste business is at the heart of what they do, and it’s always remained women-owned. Today, the studio is run by Lakshmi’s daughter, who is helping it to earn its place as a worldwide exporter of speciality fabrics.  


Their ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly processes make Tharangini Studios unique. From the beginning, Lakshmi was clear that she wanted a community of artisans to benefit from fair wages and profit sharing. This is integral to their business model.

With a mission to pass on precious hand working skills throughout generations, the studio solidifies their work with their partnership with the Women’s Welfare Board. This includes conducting free training classes for women in the use and preparation of natural dyes.

To date, they have also mentored several non-profits and charitable organisations. Their most recent is the sustained partnership with Asha Foundation for Autism. This provides an alternative stream of income for the organisation and training specially-abled artisans in block printing techniques.

For all this and more, we respect Tharangini Studios' work for gender equality amongst their artisan groups, and their mission to pass handwork skills down to future generations.

All illustrative art of our product patterns used on the website are copyright of Tharangini Studios.  They hold all the design rights to these images.