How to look after your pieces

Although we do our best to create pieces for the home that are made to last a lifetime, they need to be taken good care of. And by preserving your items by looking after them, you’re actively reducing your carbon footprint.

If you ever decide to move on from any of your homeware pieces you can help the planet by furthering the item’s lifecycle by either recycling or finding a new owner.

To clean your items please use an eco-friendly, non-toxic dry cleaner. These dry cleaners will not use chemicals like PERC or siloxane but use safe detergents to clean your item so they will not fade the dye on the fabric. If you use a normal dry cleaner, the block printed patterns may fade.  A green dry cleaner will also use less water and less energy which helps to keep the environment healthy and makes sure that your fabrics stay soft and free of allergens. 

Alternatively you can hand wash your items very carefully with cold water without using any harsh chemical soaps and let them dry in the shade. 

To maintain your eco-friendly wool cushion inners, feel free to plump them to refresh their appearance and ensure even distribution of filling. You may also wish to pull apart and separate the filling to stop clumping and infuse air back into the cushion. Please also rotate your cushions regularly to ensure even wear. 

As some of our items are hand-block printed, the precision of the design can vary. Natural variations are what make our items so special and unique, and while they are always of the highest quality, working repetitively using block dipping techniques can result in prints being a millimetre out, or the dye may not spread exactly like the last block. We believe that this adds to the splendour of each artisan-produced piece, and it’s what makes our items beautiful and personal. 

Thank you for looking after your items, to ensure longevity and care for the planet.