Daughters of Gaea makes luxury home décor, ethically and sustainably.  It was born from the idea that businesses should give back to the people that work for them and to planet from which they use resources.

The Daughters of Gaea ethos is to work with female-led artisan groups, providing
empowered employment for hand workers across the world, of which 90%+ are women. We make luxury home decor pieces by celebrating traditional handcraft techniques.  All our products are made with low impact GOTS dyes and from
environmentally friendly materials.

Daughters of Gaea is dedicated to its mission to have a positive social impact for the artisans we work with and to become a carbon negative brand through various initiatives which you can read about on our Carbon Neutral page.

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For years I searched for pieces to furnish my home that resonated with me. While every piece bought told its own story, I discovered that finding artefacts with a provenance I could celebrate as well as a unique design weren’t so easy to find.  

Daughters of Gaea was founded in celebration of a love for high-quality interior design. It became my mission to find objects infused with positive energy to share with those who care about the history of the pieces they’re buying. This is when I started to seek out a way to work ethically with female led artisan groups across the world. It unravelled into a discovery of beautiful cultural traditions juxtaposed with the difficulties these hand workers, who are mostly women, face today. 

After consulting with non-profit group, Nest, it became clear to me that the only way out of poverty for these women is through empowered employment. So, I chose to build Daughters of Gaea with community and fair employment at the heart, celebrating cultural traditions by preserving generations-old handcraft techniques. 

It is also equally clear what the impact of consumer consumption is having on our planet and the environment. However, many companies are so opaque that navigating what is sustainable, as a consumer becomes near impossible. I wanted to change this. 

I started to design a collection of luxury pieces that are irrevocably linked to the countries they are made in and the people who craft them. All the while, working as ethically and sustainably with the hand workers and choices of materials as possible.  

My vision is to not only create beautiful, high-end homeware, but to be a champion in transparency and ethical practices in the sector. There is no perfect way to run an ethical business, but when you buy from Daughters of Gaea, you will know that you are investing not only in a life-long piece for your home, but you’ll also be helping to empower women workers across the world, while being kind to the environment. For these reasons, I am thrilled to have you on this journey with me.  

Felicity x

Founder, Daughters of Gaea