About our packaging

To us, being an eco-friendly brand means looking at every stage of our supply chain. We know that environmentally-friendly packaging is one of the notable ways that we can make a difference.

That’s why we focus on specific materials and processes when preparing, boxing and sending your items to you. Our sustainable packaging is an integral part of this, and we adhere to our strict green credentials in these simplistic, effective ways:

Every order is delivered in a Daughters of Gaea reusable laundry bag. Made from 100% sustainably farmed cotton and printed with non-toxic inks to protect the waterways, they are tough enough to be reused 5000+ times.

Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard, and they are fully recyclable. The branded tape on the box is made from 100% sustainably sourced Kraft paper and secured with solvent based adhesive to give it the strength it needs. This can be recycled with the box.

Inside you’ll also find 100% recyclable and compostable tissue paper sourced from carefully managed, sustainable forests and printed with either water-based or vegetable based inks. Attached to your tissue paper is a sticker made from 100% recycled, biodegradable kraft paper and plastic free kraft paper tape made from sustainable materials with natural adhesive. We also include a branded postcard in the box, which is made from recycled cardboard and eco-friendly inks, which can be placed in your recycling when done.

With special attention paid to every part of the packaging process, we have also chosen to fashion or tags from two materials, Cromatico tracing paper tags and cardboard tags. Both are FSC certified and made from acid-free 100% Virgin ECF Fibre. Stamped onto your tags is a vegan, compostable, biodegradable, repulpable and non-solvent gold-coloured stamping foil. 

The ribbon on your tags is made from the remnants of silk from fair trade Sari businesses in India that encourage women to earn a decent living. And sewn into your items, you’ll find 100% organic cotton labels printed with OEKO TEX certified inks.